The process of Christian Initiation for adults (RCIA), teens and children begins in September/October each year.

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Happy Summer All!

RCIA Group will be reading “ Just Whatever” as an off season book club. All are invited Our first meeting will be June 14th. We wills start the reading this week.


Below is a synopsis. Please contact ralphiejmoses@gmail.com if you would like to join us or just meet us in St Joseph’s Hall after the 10:30AM Mass



What difference does it make?

Sharing the Faith used to make some people mad because it challenged and clashed with their own strong beliefs. Today it makes a lot of people yawn—because they don’t have strong beliefs about anything.

Catholic Apologist Matt Nelson says this religious indifference is the great spiritual sickness of our age—a product of the relativism that dominates modern culture.

If you find fulfillment in your faith or lifestyle, great, the idea goes; but that doesn’t mean it’s true for me or anyone else.                                                                                            

The consequences of this mentality are all around us: a neglect of truth, apathy towards the important questions in the universe, and—since we’re designed to be fulfilled by God, not idle pleasures—widespread unhappiness.

In Just WhateverMatt takes down the building blocks of religious indifference one by one. He looks at the three different kinds you tend to encounter in your friends and family members—and maybe in yourself!—to see where they come from and why they’re seductive.

In their place he offers a compelling vision of a world in which it matters what you believe, who you worship, and where authentic truth and authority reside. And he helps you present that vision to others with clarity and love.

Also available as an eBook