Upcoming Events

Outreach Ministry
Do you know someone in our parish community in need of a visit?  Maybe someone who is elderly or in chronic pain?  Someone who has recently lost a loved one?
Someone who has had a difficult hospital stay and is now recovering?
We would like to reach out to them, so if this sounds like someone you know, please contact me at the parish office
(718.638.7625) or at

The Black History Committee would like to invite You to be a part of our Committee.. Please contact: cynthia_norton@aol.com or Call the Rectory 718-638-7625 and leave your name and number.

Adult Faith Formation
Are you, a family member or friend interested in completing the Sacraments to come into full communion with the Catholic Church?
Are you interested in joining in dialogue on spiritual reading, to learn more before joining our RCIA program?
Please join Ralphetta and Mary Saturdays, at 11:00 AM at the Rectory. 
Please call the parish office at 718-638-7625 for more information!

QAS Young Parents Group

Our parish is blessed to have a growing number of young families. And several have suggested forming a parents group where families can get to know each other, plan activities, and be a support network for raising children of faith.

If you are interested and would like more information, please sign up on the email list after Mass or email Jaime Franklin at qasyoungparents@gmail.com

Become an Altar Server

In this very important service to Our Lord and to the parish, Altar Servers assist the priest at Sunday Mass. Throughout our lives, Jesus calls us all to serve God in different ways. The only requirements to be an Altar Server are to be a baptized Catholic, in the 4th grade or older, and to have a big heart that wants to serve the Lord. If you are interested, please contact Father Ceriello at the Rectory or after Mass on Sunday.

Religious Education Registration

Registration for religious education classes for those in grades K (pre-school) through 9 is taking place in the Great Hall after the 10:30 Mass each Sunday.

You can also register by coming to the Rectory office Monday through Friday from 9am to 5pm. If you have any questions, please call the Rectory.

Join our Parish Choir

Please leave your name and phone number or email address at the Rectory or see our Organist, Helena Kim, after the 8:30 or 10:30 Sunday Masses. The choir sings at the 10:30 Mass each Sunday, September through June as well as Holy Days and special liturgies throughout the year.

Hand Bell Choir

The QAS Hand Bell Choir is seeking additional ringers. We play at Easter, Advent, Christmas and a few other times throughout the year.

Rehearsals are on Wednesdays, 6:45 – 8:30 pm. Being able to read music is not a requisite. If interested leave your contact information at the Rectory or call Noel Hall, 718 857-4643. Please consider joining us as we continue to “make a joyful noise unto the Lord!”

Alcoholics Anonymous

AA meets in St Joseph’s Hall – on Monday at 6:30pm and on Wednesday at 7.15pm.


Meatless Fridays at QAS

To recall the Lord’s sacrificial love on the Cross, always offered to us.
To atone, in part, for our own sinfulness and self-centeredness.
To remember to pray for one another in the parish.
To remember to pray for those we have promised to pray for.
To pray for all who are suffering greatly.
To pray for vocations.
To make our small act of mortification, abstaining from meat, part of our prayer.

Join in Meatless Fridays at QAS!


Please join us in praying the Rosary each Sunday at 9:45am and Monday – Saturday at 8:10am.

“Live the Fast” at Queen of All Saints

Why Fast?

Fasting allows us to pray with our body, and gives weight to our prayer intentions
Fasting teaches us the difference between wanting and needing.
Fasting reminds us of the plight of the poor and hungry.
Fasting and prayer helps us slow down the pace of life, prioritize and promote peace
Fasting can draw us closer to Christ in prayer and free us of addictive behavior.

How to Fast?
A traditional fast is on bread and water. LaVallee’s fasting program, “Live the Fast” provides you with nutritious, preservative and additive free, protein-rich breads that can sustain one throughout the day. The “Live the Fast” program delivers the bread right to your door and includes a book about fasting. Depending on your health and circumstances, fasting might look differently for each person. The 24 hour fast would be 3-4 rolls/day, but most should start with an 18 hour fast where two meals are replaced with a roll each, and then a lighter meal for dinner.

How do I join the Fast?

Click through to Live The Fast
Order a Fasting Kit ($25+shipping) which includes 9-12 days of fasting rolls, materials and email reminders and encouragement.
Your rolls will arrive within a week. Put your rolls in the freezer immediately upon delivery.
Every Wednesday, join with the Queen of All Saints community in a day of fasting and prayer. Every fasting kit ordered through our website brings in a $1 to our parish.
Questions or concerns? Email qasyoungadults@gmail.com

“We might wonder what value and meaning there is for us Christians in depriving ourselves of something that in itself is good and useful for our bodily sustenance. The Sacred Scriptures and the entire Christian tradition teach that fasting is a great help to avoid sin and all that leads to it. For this reason, the history of salvation is replete with occasions that invite fasting…Denying material food, which nourishes our body nurtures an interior disposition to listen to Christ and be fed by His saving word.”

– Pope Benedict XVI in his 2009 Message for Lent

Monday Night Rosary Conference Call

The Rosary Society has a Monday Night Rosary at 9:00 pm via Conference Call. The phone number is 605-477-3000, Access Code 329838#. The call is 20 Minutes long and we dedicate the Rosary to all the names on the QAS Sick List and the Recently Departed. There is no charge and can be accessed by Landline or Mobile Phone.

Thanks to all for your participation in our recent parish activities!