Religious Education

Queen of All Saints offers a comprehensive program of religious education for children and teens ranging from early childhood to Confirmation preparation. We haveSunday school from September through June. To register, you can call the rectory at 718-638-7625
But the fun doesn’t stop in the summer! From July 10th to August 5th, we have a Bible and Performing Arts Summer Camp.
Children from 4-12 years old are invited to join us for music, dance, theater and sports!
Come for one week or all four!
To register, click here (registration form) and contact us at the rectory 718.638.7625


If you are interested in becoming apart of the Catholic Church, and learning about the faith, or looking to complete your Sacraments contact the rectory to learn about our RCIA process at (718) 638-7625

We encourage all families to have at home activities where they can share their faith as a family.

For arts and crafts ideas check out Catholic Mom!

Looking for some reading material on your train ride to work?

Give “Finding God Raising Faith Filled Kids Pages” a try.  These pages are filled with dinner conversation starters, different ways to pray together as a family, and unique projects to engage your child’s curiosity on the Catholic faith. In this way you will be participating in your child’s education with them.

The pages are available from levels 1-6.


You may also like to check out their
Finding God E-newsletters.

These go hand-in-hand with your child’s religious education textbook and have tons great articles on living out the Catholic faith in modern day such as: “Helping Children develop their gifts” and “Five things I learned from: web-books-music-movies-tv”