Level 3

Catechist’s Name: Bianca Jadoo

November 22, 2020

Dear Parents:

Thanks so much for entrusting your child to our care on Sunday morning at QAS School of Religion – Level 3. We’re looking forward to a terrific year of fun as we get to know each other, learn about our religion and study the Bible together in lots of interesting ways.

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Confirmation Class

Catechist:    Ms. Lisa Filipek

Welcome to our 2019-2020 Confirmation class!

This website will provide updates on key dates, important documents, and other reminders. If you ever have questions or need information you can ask me in class or after mass or email Ms. Theresa.

Key Dates: 

Sun, Sept 29 – First Parent Meeting during regular class time.

If you missed today’s meeting: (documents will be posted following the meeting)




Pre-Communion Preparation Class

2019-2020 Queen of All Saints School of Religion – Pre-Communion Preparation Class

Catechist: Ms Berica

Parent Resources

September 15: Fellowship / Activities / Introduction to Level 1

September 22: Introduction to Queen of All Saints and the Mass

September 29: Session 1 God Makes Everything

October 06: Celebrating Ordinary Time / Liturgical Year

October 13: Session 2 God Cares for Us

Session 3 God Is Our Father

Introduction to our heavenly friends, the saints! Understanding who the saints are and why they are so very important.

Session 4 God Gives Us Peace

Session 6: God Sends Jesus

Session 7: Jesus Teaches Us

Session 10 Celebrating Advent

Advent – Faith In Action

Session 15: Celebrating Christmas

Session 8: Trust in God

Session 11: Following Jesus

Session 12: Jesus Sends the Holy Spirit

Session 14: God Chooses Mary

Session 13: Jesus Teaches Us to Share

Session 9: Jesus Rises from the Dead

Lesson: 4th Sunday in Lent

Session 16: Jesus in Our Lives