QASFF Update and Feedback


International films from the Spiritual Cinema Circle Series were screened during our June Street Fair.  Our audience was delighted with all three selections, namely “Persimmon”(Japanese), “The Scarecrow Girl”(Portuguese) and “Love at First Sight” (English).  These captioned films provoked strong memories, emotions and dialogue.
What a joyful sharing experience!

Our human commonality was evident in these thoughtful, beautifully directed and acted short stories.

Exclusive showings of additional selections from the Spiritual Cinema Circle are scheduled with QAS School students this semester. Their commentary and perspective will be interesting. Exposure to the lives of people in other cultures and environments can remind us of our blessings and help us mature. Anyone at any age can benefit from sobering reminders of our blessings.

Since I am developing our next QASFF viewing, a colleague suggested the film “Le Harve”? Have you seen it? Let me know.

Thank you. Diane.

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