QAS Heritage and Culture July/ 2016

My vegetarian journey for 24+ years has enhanced my use of global seasonings. Here’s a shortlist of simple seasonings and preparation ideas with an international flair of ingredients.  

1) Roasted Cauliflower: Oven at 350 degrees, takes only 15 -20 minutes. Olive oil, turmeric, ground black pepper. Stir once. Squeeze fresh lemon right before serving.     

2) Kale with Ginger: Use fresh sliced ginger. Steam together with minimal water and only until the kale is a brighter green. Do not ruin by overcooking cooking. Keep firm and eat the stems.   

3) Corn on the Cob: Use green peppers to season the water. They sweeten the corn! 

4) Cornbread with Jalapenos: Add to your usual recipe, add jar (use some of the oil from the jar) or fresh jalapenos. Be careful, not to touch your face or rub your eyes! Amount varies with your personal preference.  

5) Quinoa and Mixed Sweet Peppers: Sauté peppers with onions, and garlic. Prepare quinoa as package indicates except season the water with vegetarian low sodium bouillon (half) cube. Toss together and serve hot or cold. 

6) “Enhanced” Chive Cream Cheese. Add freshly cut scallions. Use the entire onion. Add capers.  Mix well.     

Tasty, fast, nutritious, and easy recipes even non-vegetarians may enjoy! Summer time is here. Enjoy.