QAS Heritage and Culture February/2015

We have so many heroes amongst us!

Eugene “Silent” Hairston was a professional boxer from 1948 – 1953. He was a New York Golden Gloves Champion. Along with a prestigious record of winning bouts, he was also the second round contender to fight Sugar Ray Robinson.

Mr. Hairston was born in Harlem, attended Public School 47 (in Manhattan), married twice, and has one daughter. He was a devoted Jehovah Witness. He had a close friendship with a dear friend of mine. He was respected, and loved by many people; especially those that may recall his boxing prowess.   

He fought many name boxers including Kid Gavilan, Paddy Young, Jake LaMotta, and Bobo Olsen.  Mr. Hairston appeared in several books and publications including Ebony Magazine.  

Mr. Hairston died on November 24, 2014. 

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By the way, Mr. Hairston was deaf. 

Pursue your dreams, use your talents, and love everyone. 

We make history all of the time. 

Thank you. Diane Ward  

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