QAS Heritage and Culture, February, 2016


If you’re interested in adorning the body and spirit view these two sites:

 Heru AnkhRa Semahj  creator of “The Ascension of Jewelry” at Studio of Ptah., 

Holistic jewelry designer Beverly Sapphire Wilson call or text at 718-930-8841. 

I have enjoyed wearing masterpieces made by both if these wonderful designers.


Although I am gluten-free and vegetarian, my plate remains full! 

 Blockheads Restaurant has many gluten-free offerings.  Tate’s Bake shop, Schar, Glutino, Glenny’s, and Milton’s are companies that offer a variety of gluten-free menu and snack options. 

BTW Bakery (By The Way) is fully gluten- free and fresh & CO offers a good hemp brownie and other offerings that are gluten-free.   


Here’s my hot chocolate recipe which presents a different twist during these winter months. 

Diane’s Hot Chocolate :Instant Rich Chocolate hot cocoa mix  (I use  gluten- free) , one square of 86%cacao chocolate (bittersweet) and one pinch of organic cayenne pepper (Pimiento Roja). Stir gently, sip with spoon and savor. Marvelous! 

Enjoy.  Diane Ward.