QAS Film Forum / June/2013

Earlier this month, QAS school children (Kindergarten through 5th grade) were introduced to the QASFF.

In April eighty-five, children (Grades 6- 8) completed Film Forum evaluation forms.  Here are a few of their comments. The questions appear underlined.

What do you think of the QASFF? “We learn about cultures, and what people go through in life”, “Cool”, “Makes you think, very interesting, a fun way for students to become more diverse when it comes to film choices, good, funny” “I liked this program a lot. “I got to watch movies in not only other language but with no sound as well, funny and sad short plays”, ”Fun for students and good for the school, “An amazing program that provides great entertainment and knowledge “Heart touching”, “Broadened my knowledge of film”, “Creative”.

How can we improve the QASFF?  “Ask us about our culture”, “Maybe should be in after-school”,” Let’s write a script and act it out ourselves”, “More frequent”, longer films”, “Include foreign music.”

Do you watch foreign language films/television at home? If you answered yes, what do you watch?

“Spanish, Italian, French, Haitian Creole, Chinese, Russian, African and Japanese. “

Are you multilingual? If you answered yes, what languages do you speak?

“Spanish, French, Tagalong, Haitian Creole, Italian, Japanese, Guyanese, Dutch, Portuguese, and African”.

Can you recommend any films? “Action Films, Fantasy films, “The Boy in the Stripped Pajama”, “Doodlebug”, Hermano”, Finding Nemo”, Jungle Book”, “Life is Beautiful”, Military films that show our troops at work, More silent films, “The Benjamin Carson Story”, “Oz the Great and Powerful”

Would you encourage your family and friends to view a foreign language film? _

Three responded affirmatively. One child commented that she would like to learn a language together with her family and they would converse together.

Now the entire school has participated in the QASFF!  In addition to continuing to highlight foreign language and silent movies, we have drafted projects in response to the children’s suggestions (and some surprise additions) for next semester.

Thank you QAS School staff for your patience and encouragement every time the QASFF is scheduled. Thank you children for your honesty, and enthusiasm.

Enjoy the summer everyone.

Looking forward to our continuing work / joy together Ms. Attianese.   Peace, Diane.

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