QAS BRF “Dangerous Memories A Mosaic of Mary in Scripture”

“Dangerous Memories A Mosaic of Mary in Scripture”
By Elizabeth Johnson

The Virgin Mary accepted God’s invitation to serve as the Mother of Jesus Christ.
She navigated within a time and place that designated, because of her gender, limited expectations. Her influence was politically, socially and intellectually subscribed. She was poor, an occasional immigrant and perhaps educationally limited.

Understanding Mary the Mother of Jesus and the cultural mores and attitude of her generation brings us closer to understanding the humbleness of the Holy Family.

The life of Jesus and the dynamics of the Holy Family many feel is mundane and inconsequential to the message of Jesus Christ. Contrarily, the societal backdrop provides more of the reason why women exhibiting courage, and withstanding hardship magnifies their contribution and sacrifice for our faith.

Professor Johnson’s book provides a constructive and realistic, not idealized and cosmetic look at the life Mother Mary probably led. We have all wondered what Mother Mary looked like, her relationship with St Joseph and the other Apostles, and if she had children after Our Lord Jesus. She lived in community, had neighbors, washed kids and clothes, cooked, and cleaned. In this simple setting of living, Mother Mary bore Our Lord Jesus Christ which could not happen without His feminine heritage.

Women provided immeasurable spiritual significance, stability, and force in the growth and nurturance of Christianity despite the Church’s patriarchal stance. Eventually the Church will recognize and mature into acknowledging their unfounded gender bias and actualize the significant and equally beautiful sanctity and grace of women in faith.

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