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We hope to engage your commentary on selections highlighted within the Book Reading Fellowship (BRF) and Film Forum (FF) of Queen of All Saints (QAS) Roman Catholic Church.

QAS is located in Fort Greene/ Clinton Hill, Brooklyn, New York, U.S.A.
Our website address is Partake in QAS’s 100th Anniversary celebrations advertised in the bulletin, and get to know the QAS parish by joining us at mass. Consider attending our Fellowship Sundays and ask about our ministries. All are welcome.

In conjunction with our second street fair, visitors had an opportunity to enjoy the documentary video-film “Priest” directed by QAS parishioner Tudor Pavelescu.  One can view this film (and his other productions) on

Tudor attended the street fair and was available for visitors’ questions. In between multiple airings, I had an opportunity to ask Tudor this pointed question “What motivated you to make this video?” He replied, “ To know more about the vocation to the priesthood.”

Good query I thought. Truly, what constitutes a calling? How could one devote their lives so completely to this vocation?
I am not going to be your spoiler, so view the video! Key words include:
House of Discernment
Inner paradoxes
Personal testimonials
Bringing the peace of Christ to others

Maybe “Priest” will provide you with some insight by the testimonials offered by various priests at different levels of their training and inner development. They are supportive of each other, but less patient with themselves. (Fr. Cox is wonderful! Okay, he’s QAS raised and we are proud.)

“Priest” provides a fifteen-minute window into a portion of the internal and external journeys of men on their path to priesthood. “Priest’ is a video that benefits from multiple viewings in order to capture all of its nuances.

What constitutes a calling? Why would someone want to because a priest?  Decide for yourself if that question is answered in Tudor’s video.

Refer to QAS’s website for notices of projected monthly book readings and periodic film forum screenings.

*Soon QAS will introduce our “Heritage & Culture site. We hope to share various interests through stories (e. g, childhood memories), homage to our ancestors and their way of life, songs, dance productions, art, food (recipes?) and more!

Join in!
As Betty Davis (or Mae West?)  said,  “ …we’re in for a bumpy ride.”


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