August 2015


Our summer season is ending. Hopefully you’ve enjoyed some great literature.

What have you read lately? Have you read/ attended any great plays?

Prior to evolving into the QAS Academy, our upper grade students enjoyed discussing the craft of writing with guest playwright Garrett Robinson during Career Day on May 29th. Other literary guests are pre-scheduled for this coming school year.

I have a wide range of interests. The following is a sample of books I read this summer:

“Eddie Bell En Francais” (Mr. Bell has an informative web-site highlighting his interests and talents).

“Monkey” by WuCh’êng-ên.

“The Bluebird” by Maurice Maeterlinck.

I also discovered BookBub which provides selections designed from your self-styled profile. They have given me permission to advertise on our site:

I haven’t needed their suggestions to date, however I will probably utilize them in the coming months.

I am presently reading “Fire Wind” by  Yván Yauri.

As you have noticed through these QASBRF years, I have an “international bend” in my selections. I encourage you to consider a variety of writers. Experiencing and appreciating other world views, times, experiences and places, real or imagined are exciting discoveries. We would have a great deal to discuss! Dialogue between our “reading spaces” has always been available. Interested?

Peace, Diane Ward.

QASFF December, 2014 – March, 2015
In December, another learning dimension was added to our foreign film sessions.
Some films were presented to the children without English language translations. The children viewed the films, and deduced the storyline solely from their observations! A Hebrew language film was a major hit with our Kindergarten and First Graders. 
The Second, Third and Fourth Graders enjoyed the French/Spanish language selections. They requested at least one English language option (captioned or voiced). I conceded eventually to their request. It’s not initially easy to understand a foreign language film, but with effort one can appreciate artistry, our universal  messages of love, compassion, loss, and joy.  
The QASFF is tentatively meeting next month with Fifth through Eight Graders. Their creative in-put will be very interesting and enjoyable. Some children have participated with the QASFF for years. They are not reticent about looking at foreign language films. The children always greet me with excited anticipation. Hopefully this joy will translate in their lives into their embrace of the whole world. 

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