Attianexit and the QAS Film Forum /July 2016


 We have experienced moments of radical change and upset socially and globally.

Recent events of various magnitudes and personal significance hold our world in a spotlight. Your personal perspective gauges your interest, opinion and level of sadness, outrage, effort, mobilization and/or concern. 

Within the Clinton/Hill/Fort Greene community we’ve recently experienced “Attianexit”. 

Her magnitude as a teacher, finance administrator, counselor, business broker, mediator, principal and confidant to generations of families is an immeasurable legacy.  All the while, she has a wonderful adoring family at home.  Thank you for sharing her with us this long.

While Brexist affects my stock, Attianexit affects my heart.

As the “The Film Lady”, I look forward to being allowed to continue the international and silent film presentations Ms. Attianese allowed me to pilot and for the children to embrace.  I am grateful and always humbled by the enthusiasm the children and teachers have for these films!

Our Spring 2016 films again provided us with opportunities to engage and appreciate our world. 

I have been encouraged to seek funding for afterschool viewings. Now as an Academy, perhaps enhanced attention of such possibilities could become actualized.    

Thank you QAS Academy staff and children. See you in September!    


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