Queen of All Saints Church
April 2, 2020

“We should be willing to learn the lessons God wants to teach us. A great temptation is to demand that God return what we have lost. In the field of tragedy, God sows seeds of new life. We must all water them with our prayers and our sacrifices.”

Dear Parishioners,
The words above are from a Benedictine monk in northern Italy where people have been so deeply afflicted by the coronavirus. One of the great challenges we face as people of faith is to trust that God’s love is always at work even in the midst of pain, hardship and tragedy. That experience of pain, hardship and loss may be very personal or it may be communal. In these days we are experiencing both. God can bring new life out of this “field of tragedy”.

Many people are speaking and writing now about how our lives will be different after we reach the other side of this pandemic. Pure speculation of course. What we do have now, and with certainty, is the grace of the present moment. As we prepare to enter into Holy Week, we should open our hearts to that grace which strengthens us, restores love and brings the renewal that only God can give. Live each day lovingly and confidently in God’s grace.

You will continue to be in my prayers each day and especially at Mass. This will be a Holy Week and Easter like no other, but even now, God is sowing the seeds of renewal and new life. Believe in Him. Trust in His providential love that is always at work.

Many parishioners have been in touch by phone or email and I am grateful for their affection and concern. All is well here.

We all continue to pray daily for one another, for doctors, nurses, first responders, medical researchers, scientists and most of all the sick and those who have died.

God bless you with His presence and peace,
Father Joe

PS: I’ve received many inquiries about online giving. We have just established a new platform which you may be interested in looking at: https://givecentral.org/qasrcc
It will also appear on the parish website donation page.